Our Team

We have a very dedicated team here at the Peel Zoo. Get to know them a little better by reading their profiles!

Owner and Director Bradley R Holland

Bradley R Holland (also known as Ranger Red) is the Owner and Director of Peel Zoo. Bradley grew up semi-rural suburbs Kenwick and Maddington. His childhood consisted of all types of pets, from dogs, cats, birds, goats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and wild reptiles, including bobtails and dugites. In his formative years, Bradley worked at a goat dairy and one of Perth’s first wildlife parks. He was not an animal handler, but rather a miniature train guard. Although he did occasionally get to help out with the koala photographic sessions. From the age of 12, horses also formed a large part of his growing up.

At 6 years old, one of the major influencers in Bradley’s life was Dr Harry Butler. Dr Butler greeted Bradley at the Perth airport with a Stimson’s Python specimen brought down from Barrow Island. Bradley delivered many educational talks to his peers in the East Maddington Primary Library on the biology and habitats of that particular snake.

From the time he was 18, Bradley relocated to Sydney to complete his training in performing arts at the Australian Theatre for Young People. He was lucky enough to spend the next 14 years at the home of Harry Carr, where they had a private zoo that incorporated many different species of birds, mammals, and reptiles, and even ‘Mick’ the Crab-eating Macaque. Although he never worked directly in a zoo, Bradley has been involved with a number of wildlife parks and zoos, president on a number of aviculture societies and a member of marsupial, herpetological and primate associations.

On returning to WA in 2010 to establish Reds Roving Australian Wildlife Displays, his goal was always to extend the mobile display into a private Zoo. In 2019, the opportunity arose to purchase Peel Zoo with the help of silent business partner Peter Frank Mascaro, who also has an interest in conservation. Peter has seen the position Bradley has taken today, and sees the Zoo going forward with important conservation projects, including for species that have never called Peel Zoo home.

Interesting things about the Director:

  • Has worked in a chef.
  • Appeared on television, theater, and radio.
  • Is an avid horse rider.
  • Medalist Latin and Ballroom dancer. Social Salsa dancer.

Keeper Danica

Keeper Danica has worked at the Peel Zoo since January 2018 as a Zookeeper. Danica has a Bachelor of Science in Conservation Biology and Natural Resource Management from the University of Western Australia. In her time at the Peel Zoo, Keeper Danica has completed a number of large projects, including converting the “Tasmanian Devil Aviary” into a walk-through exhibit currently housing Rufous Bettong’s, Common Ringtail Possums and Laughing Kookaburras. Danica has had the opportunity to raise some much-loved animals, including Archer, Auri and Inevera the Rufous Bettong’s, Fern and Jarrah the Squirrel Glider’s, Ragen the Southern Boobook Owl and Princess the Fallow Deer.

Keeper Danica is responsible for the Peel Zoo’s database management, is Peel Zoo’s Taxonomic Advisory Group Representative and coordinates the Zoo’s social media. Danica is also responsible for the diet plans for the Zoo’s animal collection and submitting applications to the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

Keeper Danica is passionate about conservation and hopes to undertake international conservation fieldwork with a focus on human-wildlife conflict. Danica loves native flora and fauna and is often out looking for native orchids and bees in nature reserves.

Educator Karly (Left), Keeper Celine (Middle) and Keeper Danica (Right) at Peel Zoo’s Bush Fire fundraiser.

Keeper Celine

Keeper Celine has worked at the Peel Zoo since 2016 in a variety of roles. Initially hired in a customer service position, Celine quickly progressed to being the Directors Assistant. Showing an aptitude for animals, Celine became the Reptile Keeper in early 2018 and was responsible for the ongoing care of the snakes, lizards, and turtles in the Zoo’s collection. In November 2018, Celine was offered a position as a full time Zookeeper, which she quickly accepted!

Since then, Keeper Celine has had the opportunity to hand-raise a few animals, including Bentley and Bonnie the Rufous Bettong’s, Iris and Wattle the Squirrel Glider’s and Athena the Lesser Sooty Owl. Keeper Celine is the Peel Zoo’s Volunteer Coordinator, organising the volunteer intake and rostering.

Keeper Celine hopes to complete her Certificate III in Captive Animal Management to further develop her skills and knowledge.

Keeper Carly

Keeper Carly has been a part-time Zookeeper at the Peel Zoo since December 2019. She previously conducted mobile wildlife presentations for Reds Roving Australian Wildlife Displays and then Peel Zoo from September 2019 to present. Keeper Carly’s favourite part of working at the Zoo is that “no matter what is happening in the world, the animals are there every single morning to greet you and get you smiling before the day even starts”.

Keeper Carly intends on enrolling in a Zoology short course with a focus on herpetology to further her education.

Keeper Carly’s favourite animals are elephants due to their gentle nature and their dependence on their tribe. When not at the Peel Zoo, Carly will often be found surfing or spending time with her friends and family.

Keeper/Educator Jessica

Jessica fills a variety of roles at the Peel Zoo, including that of a part-time Zookeeper, an educator in Peel Zoo’s ‘Zoo2U’ program and as a Customer Service Representative. Jessica loves working at the Peel Zoo as she is able to work closely with a large variety of animals in her role as a Zookeeper and is also able to educate the public through her education roles. Jessica would like to undertake future study in the area of Zoology to further develop her knowledge. Jessica’s favourite pastime is to play card games!

Educator Karly

Educator Karly is one of Peel Zoo’s wildlife presenters. Karly’s role is focused upon providing both entertainment and education to a large variety of institutions and community events outside of the zoo environment through Peel Zoo’s ‘Zoo2U’ program. Karly says the best part of her job is that “Not only do I get to spend my days in very close proximity with some of my most loved animals, I also get to meet new and interesting people and hear their animal related stories every day!”

Karly is currently studying Veterinary Nursing, so it is safe to say that the large majority of her life is focused on animals, and her hobbies definitely reflect that! Karly’s dream is to one day utilise her zoo and nursing experience to help Western Australia’s incredible native species in the form of wildlife rehabilitation.

Educator Joseph

Educator Joseph has worked for the Peel Zoo since January 2020 as a presenter in the Peel Zoo ‘Zoo2U’ program and has a passion for reptiles. Educator Joseph’s favourite part of his role is being able to work with reptiles in a professional setting and being able to show the public how to appreciate and understand them more. Outside of the Zoo, Joseph is always seeking to further his knowledge of reptiles, spending a lot of time studying and photographing them in the wild.

Educator Lilly

Educator Lilly works in a Customer Service role at the Peel Zoo. One of her main tasks is conducting animal interactions with the public, showing a variety of animals including snakes, lizards, birds, Rufous Bettong’s and more. Lilly provides small informal educational talks to people from all walks of life, giving everyone an experience to remember. Reptiles make up a large part of Lilly’s interests, having six pythons and two lizards at home as pets! In the future, Lilly would like to continue working with animals.

Personal Assistant Jasmine

Jasmine is the Personal Assistant to Ranger Red, the Owner and Director of the Peel Zoo. Jasmine previously worked with Ranger Red as an educator and presenter for Reds Roving Australian Wildlife Displays. After taking a break for a few years she was asked to join the Peel Zoo team, for which she feels privileged for the opportunity. Although she is only at the Zoo part time, there is a good chance Jasmine is the one replying to your booking inquiry.

Jasmine’s favourite animal at the Peel Zoo is Athena the Lesser Sooty Owl chick, and her favourite animal over all are whales for their emotional intelligence. While not at the Zoo, Jasmine enjoys spending time with her family, camping, gardening, and getting hands on with DIY projects around the house.