School Incursion

Peel Zoo2U: We Bring the “Edu-tainment” to You

Can’t make it to the Zoo? Don’t worry. We’ll bring the Zoo to you.

A Degree of Difference

Peel Zoo is the only Zoo in WA presenting mobile, interactive, animal experiences. In fact, we hold a Department of Parks and Wildlife license “to keep fauna for educational or public purpose”. That means, when you deal with Peel Zoo, you’re dealing with professionals.

The professionalism of Peel Zoo2U extends to the fact that our incursions are presented by experienced staff with a variety of University degrees, TAFE Diplomas and Certificates, and a wealth of practical knowledge. We consider these gold standards essential for school incursions. After all, when it comes to teaching children, there is no substitute for qualifications.


While we take wildlife and conservation education very seriously, we also believe this education should be fun. In short, our teaching philosophy is founded on the fact that ‘fun is memorable’. That’s why we define Zoo2U as “edu-tainment”.

Living Lessons

Our goal is to support teachers in the delivery of a variety of educational subjects. We are able to achieve this because animals are captivating for children of all ages. That’s why they’re a perfect addition to any classroom. In fact, captivation is foundational to our “edu-taining” approach. We find the relationship between animals and children provides a wonderful platform for a vast range of lessons. For instance, Peel Zoo2U animals are great teachers’ aides in all these subjects.

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE)
  • Technology
  • The Arts
  • Physical Education


Peel Zoo2U is an intimate and interactive education. It’s also age and curriculum appropriate. For instance, early childhood learning can be as simple as experiencing the different textures of fur, feathers, and scales. More advanced students enjoy information about conservation. The important point here is that Peel Zoo2U can mix and match animals, age groups, and educational subjects to ensure the best outcome for students, parents, and teachers. Here is a sample of the packages presented through Zoo2U.

  • Tactile Teachers
  • Habits & Habitats
  • Fight or Flight
  • Endangered Species

Dollars and Sense

It makes sense to deal with qualified professionals. After all, this approach means you and your students benefit from our technical and practical expertise. Expertise not found elsewhere.

The cost for a Zoo2U Incursion depends upon student numbers and the time you require Peel Zoo on site. However, for a tailored quote, give the Zoo a call to discuss your requirements. 

Peel Zoo can modify the Zoo2U Incursion to meet individual teaching requirements. We recommend discussing your needs before booking, to ensure maximum benefit to students during the Incursion.


Please contact Peel Zoo to make a booking.
Phone: (08) 9531 4322
Fax: (08) 9531 4311