Education Team

The Role of the Education Team

Joining the Peel Zoo Education Team is a valuable first step for enthusiastic, hard-working individuals who are looking to further their passion for conservation. As a member of the Peel Zoo Education Team you will be working alongside our dedicated and professional staff to engage and inspire the zoo public. Members of the Education Team function as zoo ambassadors in a variety of settings: at the zoo, as part of our Zoo2U program, and at special functions and events. As member of the team you will be involved in every stage of our entertaining education programs. Therefore, you are required to liaise with guests, guide tours at the zoo, assist in our mobile Zoo2U program, and support our staff in preparation and planning education programs.

While we take wildlife and conservation education very seriously, we also believe this education should be fun. In short, our teaching philosophy is founded on the fact that ‘fun is memorable’. That’s why we define our programs as “edu-tainment”.

Applying for the Education Team

Applicants must attend an information session before being considered for participation in the program.

The Next Information Session

Please email if you are interested in attending an information session. We advertise our information sessions via the Peel Zoo Facebook page, so keep an eye out for our next intake post!