Animal Adoption

Peel Zoo Animal Adoption

Adopting an animal at Peel Zoo is a beautiful way to show your support for the animal and the Zoo. All Adoption Certificates are personalised according to the animal and the person adopting them.

We have over 600 animals at the Peel Zoo. Your donation by adopting one of our animals supports the ongoing care of all our animals. To see an up to date list of our animals, email Keeper Danica at

You can now adopt any animal at the Peel Zoo for just $40!

For your donation, you will receive the following:

– A personalized one-of-a-kind adoption certificate.

– Activities related to your animal!


If you have any questions email Keeper Danica at She can even help you decide which amazing Peel Zoo animal is your spirit animal!

Animal Adoptions are 100% online, with the certificate and activities emailed to the intended recipient.

Adopting an animal on behalf of an animal lover makes for a heartfelt and unique surprise present.

Contact Peel Zoo (08 9531 4322) to discuss how we can create something special for your loved ones.