We bring the Zoo to you.

Can’t make it to the Zoo? Don’t worry. We can bring the Zoo to you.

Peel Zoo2U: We bring the Zoo to you.

Peel Zoo2U: We bring the Zoo to you.

What’s included?
An amazing, interactive “hands on” wildlife experience, with animals such as Dingo, Kangaroo Joey, Possum, Kookaburra, and a 3 metre Olive Python. Every child has the chance to hold or pat an animal; photo opportunities abound!

Ask about our children’s party Zoo2U, where each child attending also receives an activity sheet, sticker, and tattoo relevant to the animals they encountered that day. In addition, each child attending the Zoo2U also receives a free child pass to Peel Zoo. That’s an additional saving of $12 per child.

Britt, from Peel Zoo2u, with Shag the South West Carpet Python at Kwinana Petscapade.

Peel Zoo has a wealth of experience when it comes to presenting interactive, wildlife experiences. Zoo2U delivers a wide range of up close and personal experiences in an equally diverse range of locations.

* Schools
* Pre-school, Kindergarten, Childcare Centres
* Vacation Care Programs
* Shopping Centres
* Private Parties
* Corporate Events
* Film & Television
* Customised Events

Please contact Peel Zoo to make a booking.
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