We bring the Zoo to you.

Can’t make it to the Zoo? Don’t worry. We can bring the Zoo to you.

Peel Zoo2U: We bring the Zoo to you.

Peel Zoo2U: We bring the Zoo to you.

Zoo2U Special

Pay just $274 to receive $2324 of value.

Absolutely FREE: $2050 Worth of Hands on Experience from Peel Zoo.*
That’s Amazing Value for an Amazing Hands on Experience

Save $100 and receive a FREE Family Pass, valued at $60, with every Peel Zoo2U paid for prior to July 31, and booked for a date prior to December 31, 2016.

We’ll visit you. Then you can visit us.

This double-delight is perfect for your stay-at-home adventure, plus your family day out.

The Family Pass is valid for 12 months from July 31, 2016.

But wait, there’s more…

In addition, every child present at your Peel Zoo2U receives two discount coupons. The first is a FREE child pass for entry to Peel Zoo. That’s potentially another $360 of value, absolutely FREE. The second is a 15% off the entry price to Peel Zoo. If used for a Family entry, that’s an additional $1530 saving.

Save money. Have fun. Learn more. Share the love.

In total, when you pay $274 for your Peel Zoo2U, before July 31, you receive an additional $2050 worth of hands on experience from Peel Zoo, absolutely FREE.

Pay just $274 to receive $2324 of value.

That’s amazing value for amazing hands on ‘edu-tainment’.

Rest assured, when you work with Peel Zoo, you are working with the most professional wildlife presenters in the business.

Our mandatory Gold Standards mean all Peel Zoo2U presenters have a:

  • University Degree;
  • First Aid Certificate; and
  • Working with Children Clearance.

What’s more, they’re all real Zookeepers at Peel Zoo.

For your peace of mind, we should also let you know, we have $20 000 000 Public Liability insurance.

You are in educated, qualified, and experienced hands.

Book now, or contact us for more information: 08 9531 4322,

*Terms and Conditions

  • Payment in full is required prior to July 31, 2016.
  • A booking is not confirmed until full payment is received.
  • The Peel Zoo2U event must take place before the December 31, 2016.
  • You receive one FREE Family Pass to Peel Zoo per Peel Zoo2U booked.
  • You receive 30 FREE child passes to Peel Zoo with every Zoo2U booked.
  • You receive 30 15% discount entry passes to Peel Zoo with every Zoo2U booked.
  • The Family Pass voucher is valid for 12 months from July 31, 2016.
  • Surcharge of $0.83 per km applies for round trips over 100km from Peel Zoo.
  • Surcharge of 15% on Public Holidays applies.
  • Children must be supervised by adults at all times.
  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

What your Peel Zoo2U includes:
Sit back in the comfort and security of your own premises and let us provide you with a hands on, interactive wildlife experience. The incredible, furry, feathered, and scaly animals from Peel Zoo include:

  • Oliver, our 3 metre long Olive Python;
  • Emo, the cannibalistic Black Headed Python;
  • Godzilla, a fabulous Frilled Neck Lizard;
  • Pilgrim, the cutest Ring Tailed Possum; and
  • Morgan, the lovable Red Tailed Black Cockatoo.

We can also bring a range of hairy, freaky, creepy-crawlies, such as:

  • Giant Burrowing Cockroaches;
  • Tarantulas;
  • Rainbow Stag Beetles; and
  • Stick Insects.

All animals are subject to availability on the day.

We’re happy to tailor animal encounters and presentations to suit your needs. Whether it’s tactile textures for toddlers or fear factor forays for adults, Peel Zoo2U will always please.

Book now, or contact us for more information: 08 9531 4322,

Britt, from Peel Zoo2u, with Shags the South West Carpet Python at Kwinana Petscapade.

Peel Zoo has a wealth of experience when it comes to presenting interactive, wildlife experiences. Peel Zoo2U delivers a wide range of up close and personal experiences in an equally diverse range of locations.

  • Schools
  • Pre-school, Kindergarten, Childcare Centres
  • Vacation Care Programs
  • Shopping Centres
  • Private Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Film & Television
  • Customised Events

Please contact Peel Zoo to make a booking.
Phone: (08) 9531 4322
Fax: (08) 9531 4311